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Remote DBA Service

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DataMovements’ Remote DBA Service is individually designed to cater to your requirements.

The Remote DBA Service is a monthly service available on a subscription or an annual contract basis.

Whether you need coverage for staff shortages, extra assistance for new projects, augmenting your existing team or require 24/7 support, whatever your DBA resourcing needs, DataMovements can provide the resourcing you’ll need.

When you engage with DataMovements for our Remote DBA service, we begin with a thorough environmental audit of your SQL Servers, this is to understand it’s overall health and to identify any problem areas.


DataMovements provide support for the full range of Microsoft’s database Versions and Editions

Once the audit is complete, we can tailor our DBA service to meet the needs for your environment, and start to address any specific areas that have been flagged as requiring immediate attention.

Core Services

No matter what your setup is or our agreement is, our best practice commitment means certain tasks and activities underpin our service.

These include:

Proactive Database Management

Establishing the routines and procedures that help prevent performance issues and preventing potential data loss or corruption.

Capacity Planning and Trends

Providing deep insights into your databases behaviour
Acting proactively to address issues before they become service impacting problems.

Configuration and Optimisation

Continual examination of the configuration of the OS & SQL Server
Ensuring optimal configuration to allow for best performance

Agent Jobs and Notifications

Setup and configuration of maintenance activities
Investigate issues with any job failures
Ensure appropriate alerting and notifications are in place.

Database Installations and Upgrades

Installations of new instances or features
Patching of SQL Server & Windows
Preparing for Migrations, evaluating & testing of HA & DR strategies.



Our subscription model allows us to match resourcing levels to meet your requirements.
With three levels of subscription: Foundation, Associate and Executive.

For up to 5 SQL Server Instances

8/5 DBA support, 24/7 monitoring
Daily and Weekly Service reports
1 monthly scheduled Out of Hours activity
Up to an additional 35 hours BAU support


Up to 10 SQL Server instances

All the features of Foundation
Up to an additional 70 hours BAU support

Up to 15 SQL Server instances

All the features of Foundation
Up to an additional 100 hours BAU support
1 additional Out of Hours activity.




DataMovements can also provide full-time DBAs dedicated to your environment. Beyond Executive, for more than 15 Instances to support or for a large BAU support overhead, as a Partner, we can tailor our service and provide you with one or more dedicated DBAs for your SQL Server environment.

Contact us for more information about our tailored Partner service.

Business as Usual activity

Your business environment is not static and neither is your SQL Server.
As an ongoing overhead, we have the expectation of a level of business as usual activity as a basic requirement for every service we offer. You can scale our involvement depending on how much your environment is changing.

Out of Hours activity

Every platform needs maintenance and patching. It’s a fact of life. You expect it, we expect it… but your customers don’t really care too much about that sort of thing. We have built into our service an expectation for regular out of hours work to take care of these activities.
Additional Out of Hours incidents can be added to your subscription at any time


Our normal business hours are 9AM – 6PM (UTC) Monday to Friday.
YOUR normal business hours will become OUR core hours.
Any work that is scheduled outside of core hours will be performed as an Out of Hours incident/activity.


Below is the pricing for each of the Service levels on a monthly subscription or annual contract basis. Final pricing may vary based on the size of your estate and any additional requirements you have, or specific issues you need assistance to resolve. We provide full quotations for all our services.


Monthly Subscription

Annual Contract











All prices shown are per calendar month and excluding VAT.


Technology Partners

DataMovements have several partnerships with industry leading vendors who provide the best-in-breed tools for management of your SQL Server environment, we leverage these tools to provide effective levels of support and to understand performance levels of your SQL Server environments.

Click HERE to find out more about our technology partners.


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