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24HOP Security Presentation

I was one of the many presenters who lined up and provide their 1-hour session at the Spring Edition of 24HOP, this one was focused on Security, with my session (#22) drawing the 9AM GMT Slot.   My Session: SAy our Security Right (or Not)
Database security is one of those topics that too many misunderstand; haven’t learned it to the right depth, or just not sure how to approach designing a database security strategy.
During this session, we will examine how to put in the right level of security, evaluate and define an appropriate database security model that is right for the environment.
We will be covering SQL Server’s security hierarchy and terminology, identify security risks (know your security responsibilities), determine when SA usage is appropriate and not and more.
The recording of the sessions will be posted about 1 week after the event, so if you missed it (sure you had a good excuse) then watch it when it's up and you find it.