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Join me on my journey into Power BI...

Hi there. I have recently joined Neil and Trevor at DataMovements.

This blog will follow my initial steps with Power BI with the aim of showing how quick, easy and flexible developments are, as well as highlighting and identifying areas of note and interest.

Firstly - a confession - I am by no means a complete noob when it comes to this kind of application. For full exposure...

  • I have a background in Microsoft Office development, which mostly means Excel and Access with a fairly healthy amount of SQL thrown in for good measure. I have been working in IT development with Office since Office 97.
  • I also happen to have a background in Mathematics, which is not hugely important, but does mean I have more than a passing knowledge, at very differing levels, of many of the more obscure functions and concepts involved.
  • My default starting point for any problem has been Excel (or Access), using mostly the VBIDE - this is my hammer.

I started using Office applications, having used Lotus 1-2-3 in a previous career. I spent a number of years in the catering industry, as a publican and restaurant owner, and having noticed that, along with the clamour over Y2K, there was a significant demand for people with skills in this type of technology.

Through various developments I have been involved with I have come into contact with a number of reporting solutions, which is where my involvement, as a developer, often starts. Over the years, various applications have come and gone and meanwhile I have stuck with Office, even if it wasn't always necessarily the ideal tool for a job in hand.

And so, now, Power BI.

I won't dive in straight away in this first post... this is just to introduce myself and to provide you with an idea of my background and how that could translate to you.

Please feel free ask questions...