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PowerBI Pro 12-Months (extended trial) from 1st June 2017

Today (3rd May Announcement) we (folks at PowerBI Service blog) announced changes to Power BI Pro and the free service. While the free service is intended for personal use and Power BI Pro enables collaboration, we’ve received feedback that functional differences between them have created confusion for users. Going forward, we will improve free to have the same functionality as Power BI Pro, but will restrict sharing and collaboration features to only Power BI Pro users. Free users will benefit from access to all data sources, higher workspace storage limits, and higher refresh and streaming rates. These changes will be effective June 1.

For existing users of the free service who have been active within the past year, we’re offering a free, 12-month extended trial of Power BI Pro. The offer will let you take advantage of the full capabilities of Power BI Pro for the next year as a sign of our appreciation for your continued support. Using the trial will also give you time to adjust how you use the service. The extended Power BI Pro trial will be available beginning June 1. Watch for an email from us, and check your notifications the next time you sign into the service for instructions on how to access the offer. Please also refer to the full terms and conditions below for details.  

Frequently asked questions pertaining to changes in Power BI Pro and the free service, as well as the extended Power BI Pro trial, are available on the board.
Please share your thoughts and questions there. 

Extended Power BI Pro trial terms and conditions

  • General purpose: The free 12-month extended Power BI Pro trial offer (the “Offer”) is available to existing qualified users of the free Power BI service, in order to address changes to the service effective June 1 related to the ability to distribute and receive content.
    Eligible users will receive the Offer beginning June 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2018.
  • Eligibility: Users who registered for the free Power BI service on or before May 2, 2017 and have signed into the service at least once between May 2, 2016 and May 2, 2017 are eligible for the Offer.
  • Exclusions: Power BI Pro and Power BI Pro trial users are not eligible for the Offer.
  • Term: The Offer will begin on June 1, 2017 and end on May 31, 2018. Acceptance can occur at any time during the 12-month period, though the offer will terminate on May 31, 2018 for all users regardless of when they accepted the Offer.

Neil Hambly
24HOP Security Presentation

I was one of the many presenters who lined up and provide their 1-hour session at the Spring Edition of 24HOP, this one was focused on Security, with my session (#22) drawing the 9AM GMT Slot.   My Session: SAy our Security Right (or Not)
Database security is one of those topics that too many misunderstand; haven’t learned it to the right depth, or just not sure how to approach designing a database security strategy.
During this session, we will examine how to put in the right level of security, evaluate and define an appropriate database security model that is right for the environment.
We will be covering SQL Server’s security hierarchy and terminology, identify security risks (know your security responsibilities), determine when SA usage is appropriate and not and more.
The recording of the sessions will be posted about 1 week after the event, so if you missed it (sure you had a good excuse) then watch it when it's up and you find it.

Join me on my journey into Power BI...

Hi there. I have recently joined Neil and Trevor at DataMovements.

This blog will follow my initial steps with Power BI with the aim of showing how quick, easy and flexible developments are, as well as highlighting and identifying areas of note and interest.

Firstly - a confession - I am by no means a complete noob when it comes to this kind of application. For full exposure...

  • I have a background in Microsoft Office development, which mostly means Excel and Access with a fairly healthy amount of SQL thrown in for good measure. I have been working in IT development with Office since Office 97.
  • I also happen to have a background in Mathematics, which is not hugely important, but does mean I have more than a passing knowledge, at very differing levels, of many of the more obscure functions and concepts involved.
  • My default starting point for any problem has been Excel (or Access), using mostly the VBIDE - this is my hammer.

I started using Office applications, having used Lotus 1-2-3 in a previous career. I spent a number of years in the catering industry, as a publican and restaurant owner, and having noticed that, along with the clamour over Y2K, there was a significant demand for people with skills in this type of technology.

Through various developments I have been involved with I have come into contact with a number of reporting solutions, which is where my involvement, as a developer, often starts. Over the years, various applications have come and gone and meanwhile I have stuck with Office, even if it wasn't always necessarily the ideal tool for a job in hand.

And so, now, Power BI.

I won't dive in straight away in this first post... this is just to introduce myself and to provide you with an idea of my background and how that could translate to you.

Please feel free ask questions...