Bringing data into focus

Welcome to DataMovements. We are industry leading consultants in data analysis, PowerBI and training.

What do we do?


Knowledge & Experience are KEY traits we seek in our team members, providing the right mix of training resources we can assist them in developing their skills to their full potential.


Data has it's own DNA, uncovering those hidden meanings is the world of Analytics, leveraging the latest tools & techniques we can now explore and understand our data in many fascinating ways.

Power BI

Power BI - Microsoft's cloud-first analytics service, data shaping & interactive visuals for self-service BI. DataMovements are a Power BI Partner, with Consultancy & training.

Data Consultancy

Our team of experienced & certified consultants, working with the cutting edge and mainstream data-platform products. Delivering cost effective solutions to your data challenges.

Who are we?

With our experienced Data Platform Consultants and Microsoft Certified Trainers, we love the challenges our clients bring us, finding the right solutions to fit their requirments with sometimes a little innovating along the way, not forgetting training their team on the latest technologies or improving their existing knowledge & skills.

On-Demand Training

Need to learn a new technology or enhance your existing knowledge or prepare for that exam?

Microsoft On-Demand MOC courses are self-paced versions of the Instructor-led courses (less costly)

The catalog of DMOC courses is available, come explore the listing of 70+ On-Demand courses.

Discover your data's DNA

DNA carries the instructions for growth, development and functioning for all organisms, your Data performs these same tasks every day in your business, decisions you make based on the DATA you can access with its' success or failure dependent on accuracy and understanding the data and it's patterns.

Evolving your own analytic practices to truely understand the DATA has been key to succesful businesses for centuries.

Today's analytics tools and techniques are evolving rapdily in the past few years, providing insights now in near real-time and across ever larger datasets.

Have you the right Analytics? Come find out if you understand your Data's DNA.

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